"Lola, is facebook keeping you too busy?"
   "No, I love talking with my readers. I noticed you're paying a lot of attention to Aunt Nellie B."
   "That's because she's almost ready to join you as a character, and I want her to look her best."
   "Me, too. I can't wait to have her company. By the way, is it true I am in her book?"
   "Yes, but you're much older in her book. I like you this way."
   "I get to stay young forever in my own book, but I love helping my grandchildren, too."

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Better than Danielle Steel
(telephone call from Mrs. W.)
What a story it is. I started reading early in the morning and could not put the book down until I finished it, late into the night. Buy the Book and fall in love with beautiful, strong, inspiring, Lola.
(5 star review on Amazon by B. Carducci)

The book is gripping!!!!! On page 84 and might have to stay up tonight to finish it!!!
(email from S.H.)

The characters take me and don't let me go.  The references to South America are completely accurate to a level that I was transported back there.
(email from R.N. a native of Chile)
I'm hooked.  Your writing just pulls me in!
(Post card from E.K.)
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